Intake leaks

S&S manifold leak checker. Pretty easy to make. Mine is 100% grinder and hand drill made. Still need to pick up something to make sure it's totally sealed. Set  your regulator to about 10 lbs and make sure both intake valves are closed. And an old inner tube will work great as a gasket


Brooklyn Invitational '11 5

Tom Fugle's panhead first built in 1964.

Brooklyn Invitational '11 4

I think a White Knight built this, but I'm not sure

Brooklyn Invitational '11 3

Steve Bonge's poster and photo collection

Steve's shovel

Doc's wheelie machine

Brooklyn Invitational '11 2

Hippy Killer

Jeff Wright

Posted pictures of this bike last year, but it's even nicer now

Loaded Gun/Lowside Syndicate OC

Went down to the Delmarva bike week Friday to check out the LG and Lowside party. Stopped by Right Coast Tattoo to meet up with some friends. Didn't bother heading downtown into Ocean City after hearing how shitty traffic was. Loaded Gun Customs and Lowside Syndicate


Seen this band last weekend. So good

New Lowside out now

Issue 6 Lowside

Brooklyn Invitational '11

Max Schaaf's knuckle in Brooklyn. Stoked to finally see it up close


Our Anniversary

I've had my shovelhead for two years this month. This picture was taken the day after I bought it. Just a couple more things...