get big or die trying

Started taking these Animal Pak vitamin supplements not long ago. They give me a good energy boost and at the gym I feel a little difference in strength. Only downsides are I felt like I was choking to death trying to get these things down and they make your pee neon green. It's worth it. Good luck

fuck trendy shit



picture request

This shovel belongs to Scotty from Sacramento, CA and was featured in Dice issue 36. Anymore pictures, links or info would be appreciated. Probably my favorite swingarm bike ever. phillipkavanaugh@yahoo.com

Got these two pictures from a blog. Don't remember which one but if you email me I'll link you


I want one

stopped and checked out a guy selling parts and he had this badass piece

Florida fast food tour

We stopped all over the place on the way to and from Daytona Beach. Here's some sweet highlights

Morganne and me out front. Delicious burgers and fries. Tacos shells were delicious, but otherwise they weren't that great.

My buddy Bill rode down with us

Del Taco find! Best fast food ever. I love everything they have. Please come to Maryland!

they even have a whole hot sauce pump station

Steak 'n Shake has some of my favorite burgers around. We ate there 3 times this week. The Royal is my personal favorite.

Great burgers. White Castle of the South. I like their regular burgers better than the sliders though.

Sonic rules. I love the fact that I can get a great burger here in MD and get the same burger over 1000 miles away in FL

Huddle House is a slightly better version of Waffle House, and I love Waffle house. I almost choked to death on some hash browns in this place. True story.

Even the waffles are reppin'

Whataburger was ok. Will go again, but they had the worst food the whole trip. The couple out front thought I was stalking them. And I was.

I wish I would have gotten more from Church's. Some of the best nuggets I've ever had.

BBQ chicken tacos at 80

We ate a ton of shit this whole week but from what I remember this was all the fast food joints


Help identify this foot peg

Found this at one of the swaps in Daytona. Very similar to the Anderson type and the only marking is the HA on the bottom. Looking for for some info and it's mate. Thanks phillipkavanaugh@yahoo.com


Slippery Pete

For sale repost from Kemosabe and the Lodge

He has been described as a tiny monster with a mouth that spews a never ending waterfall of filth. This may be true but he is a loyal man when it comes to his friends and his family. So much in fact that he is willing to sell his bike to help keep a roof above his parents head. This is a strong running shovel and I know this because I've ridden many miles along side it. This is a relatively fresh motor considering it was only run for one Chicago Riding Season minus the 30 days he spent in the hole. He wants 8Grand no more and no less. Peter does not own a computer so if interested contact him directly by phone..... Slippery Pete 312.720.9383 and watch out for that water fall of filth.

Superglide Tank

Picked up this 1 piece tank a while back. I'll be putting it on the swingarm frame tomorrow

got almost everything I needed at one of the Daytona Beach swaps

mount diagram for superglide gas tank

I'm Back

Haven't felt like doing anything on the internet for a while but I'm back and ready for some updates. Took a couple hundred pictures in Daytona at bike week I'll be posting shortly. I'll be posting some old pictures I took at past events too. For now nothing beats the great Macho Man Randy Savage rap hits.