the Barons

I might be joining another band playing drums. Drinkin' beer and rock 'n' roll! Check it out


Daves trump

Helped my buddy pick up this bike a few weeks ago. Hopefully it'll be out sooner than later. Thanks Johnny, you da man!


monster meet 8-22-10

Rained on and off all day on Sunday. Had a good time even though the weather was total crap.

smaltz hd meet

pix from 8-21-10. Found some cool stuff. There was quite a few old stockers up there. Nice to see old iron that hasn't been totally hacked on... sometimes!

I really want one of these tanks, but the guy selling this one was a total douche. Maybe next time.

this thing is amazing

hot boy



Got these grips in the mail today... Rad! And this is how my shop(ed) sits for now. Couple swap meets coming up this weekend. Hopefully find some SHIT! I'll be posting pix before long


Spotted this badass old pickup with some super rad paint the other day. Beast

under hood


pt. 2

This is just a few of the many amazing bikes that were around. The whole thing surpassed my expectations, and I knew it was gonna be awesome. I love that overwhelming feeling of to many rad bikes in one place.

this knuck was badass

one of the death science guys owns this beauty. nice bike, nice guy

me and my momma

Lowside Syndicate Party 1

Well, the Lowside party was totally awesome. Took lots of pictures, met some cool folks, and, not surprisingly, bought a few things. I might add some more pictures later, I might not. Check out Death Science, Lowside Syndicate, Independents Choppers. Supeet!

Some Bmore bikes I always see around

Independents bike

Love bike


clean cases

Well, after a can of engine degreaser, and 3 or 4 cans of carburetor cleaner my cases are ready. I tried some brake cleaner in a couple spots and found it didn't work as well. I've also heard it's harder on gaskets... I don't know. I still have some gasket surfaces to work on, but otherwise this beast is ready for assembly. Also, watch out, all that shit eats paint. And kills you




summer cleaning

Spent a few hours trying to get my cases clean. Been using Gunk engine degreaser, and carb. cleaner. So far, so good


this weekend

Lowside Syn is throwing a big party/swap/show Saturday. Just started this blog, trying to figure it out. I'll be adding more as time goes on. Thanks to anyone interested