Smoke Out 12 pictures 3

Last ones for now.

I really like this one. Nothing beats crossing the country on a handmade bike.

chopper dreams

Fab Kevin shovel

There was a few Softails with kickers around.

These 2 Trumps arrived just as we were leaving

This swingarm shovel is real cool. Check out the swingarm setup. Only about 1" play until it hits the stops. The front end is pretty slick too.

Richiepan Pan



Living legend

To busy talking to take decent pictures. Ah well.

Maxine mkII

Smoke Out 12 pictures 2

A few more of my favorites.


I have plans to build a hot rod like this one day

Anyone have any info on this bike, particularly the ignition system? I'm assuming it's some kind of Karata electronic setup but I have no idea.

Garage Company long shovel

LA Speed Shop narrowed springer

Roadside Marty knuckle

Smoke Out 12 pictures

George the Painters shovelhead. First picture taken


my ass is hot. Wah

Smoke Out North Carolina 12

Met this guy from Jersey last year. I really dig this bike

thinking about making some upsweeps for my swingarm similar to these

Cowtown Swap

Super tough this year. Glad I had this with me.



Fender is coming along nicely. Basically SB&F strut assembly hacked up and shoved in a bobbed fender. Similar to M&B or MB products strutless fender. Still not fully sold on the swingarm frame, but I like it.

never ends

Today I managed to break this little piston off in the hydro pump in my floor jack

18 21



i love this

maybe add some rich fashionable "outlaw" chopper riders on there too? taken from Bdac


I didn't realize it when I got it, but the lifter/pushrod kit I got is a head or cam remove install only. Great, nice design Crane. Also, I almost choked to death on a brat today.