Merry Christmas

...not happy holidays. Also, King Diamond just went through triple bypass surgery and I'd like to wish him a speedy recovery.



The Stiffs

80's Delaware punk band the Stiffs is playing tonight at Mojo13. Possibly their last show ever


Harrisburg Swap '10

Found a bunch of stuff, ran into some good people. Didn't take many pictures at all. Few more on Morgannes blog customshopauto.blogspot.com/

Horse Smoke Out 10 chop off bike. Can't remember what shop it's from



Tonight!! MOJO13 in Delaware with my old band Eph Tradition, and the Claw from Philly. Seen them the last time they came around at a gay bar in Rehoboth Beach. haha

weekend progress

well it's a shovelhead again. hopefully be finished this weekend


Lowside Block Party

at Brewers Hill Pub 10-23-10, I think, again. Lots of bikes, lots of people. The stage they had setup was basically Ozzfest jr. Lowside Syndicate

Mullins county F.O.A.D!


Swingarmy! Looking for more info on this. Kundratic maybe?

slammed round tube pan shovel


Shop Gentei Block Party

Happened 10-10-10 I think. Better late than never Shop Gentei




Floorboard Tab

I put a left side board loop and fixed a couple weak links on my e-start frame at work last Friday. I decided to get the V-Twin replica castings just because it would irritate me if the left and right were different. Also I wanted to keep it as true to the earlier frames as possible. I did some homework and found from the ground to the top of the outer lip the measurements were 1 1/2" on right side and 5/8" on the left. Of course almost all the ones I checked out there a little different but those were the most consistent numbers. Getting them perfectly lined up with each other wasn't a big issue with a couple squares and some patience. Hope this can help someone looking for info as I couldn't find much myself. Check it out

New camera

So, my girlfriend got me a new camera for my birthday a short while ago. Only problem is for whatever reason my computer isn't reading it from the usb. I just ordered a card reader today so expect lot's of photos coming soon

51 Basara

One of my favorite bikes ever. One of these days...


Halloween Horrorcaust 2010

Playing a show this Friday with a Misfits cover band I used to be in. If your in the area check it out



Worthy Reading

A buddy of mine introduced me to these books a few weeks ago. They're old, but they're still pressing them. A lot of invaluable info in these

Hippie b-gone

This isn't really blog worthy, but it's kind of a big deal to me. Anyways, I had my girlfriend cut my hair last week. It had been growing untrimmed for about 10 or 11 years and then in a mohawk for the past 2. Well, the big day came and not anymore!

Before. The sides needed cut anyway

I look sad, but really, just constipated

Lookin' shawp!

Rogue Speed Shop

goodies! Check it

Brooklyn Invitational '10 3

Max Schaaf took this machine all the way across country with a couple other guys. Currently they're still on the road. Badass...

another cross country beaut

Born Loser

Does anyone not love pan-shovels? Silly question. Dice!

This fxr makes it's rounds and the owner is a pretty righteous dude

Brooklyn Invitational '10 2

ChopperDave's superfreak pan. One of my all time favorites

Big Chris Condon's pan

Blings Cycles burnout mania

nothing cooler than handmade parts