Shovelhead and Evo side by side comparison. Buyer beware. Hopefully this can help someone.

Here you can see the Evo's are about 1/16" longer and has a different oil hole

Evo is closer to camera. Notice oiling difference

Evo closer to cam. Krylon paint does wonders fingernails

Evo closer to cam. Evo's are nos HD and the shovel are CCI. Couldn't find any nos shovelhead but what's sad is nobody makes any stock replacements in USA anymore.


Looking for info on these. 2" rise and 123 stamped in one and 46 on the other. Really solid and no metric shit. I thought they were stock Softail but I'm not sure. phillipkavanaugh@yahoo.com or comment



Englishman's cone shovel

I think Fabricator Kevin made most or all of the custom stuff on here. Definitely made to take a beating. If you don't already know Englishman is a writer/photographer for The Horse. Pictures taken at the Smoke Out 2010

Smoke Out lane splitter

Nice skinny t-bar shovel from last year. Don't remember the guys name, but he was pretty cool. Lot's of hand made/modified parts. I really dig the split rocker boxes with Evo oiling on shovelheads

can't get enough

Hank 3 right now


69 Shovelhead trike

This thing is sick and has a ton of neat chopper parts. I stumbled upon it on craigslist a while back. No idea who built it or owns it now. Pictures from the Limpnickie Lot in Daytona.