Worthy Reading

A buddy of mine introduced me to these books a few weeks ago. They're old, but they're still pressing them. A lot of invaluable info in these

Hippie b-gone

This isn't really blog worthy, but it's kind of a big deal to me. Anyways, I had my girlfriend cut my hair last week. It had been growing untrimmed for about 10 or 11 years and then in a mohawk for the past 2. Well, the big day came and not anymore!

Before. The sides needed cut anyway

I look sad, but really, just constipated

Lookin' shawp!

Rogue Speed Shop

goodies! Check it

Brooklyn Invitational '10 3

Max Schaaf took this machine all the way across country with a couple other guys. Currently they're still on the road. Badass...

another cross country beaut

Born Loser

Does anyone not love pan-shovels? Silly question. Dice!

This fxr makes it's rounds and the owner is a pretty righteous dude

Brooklyn Invitational '10 2

ChopperDave's superfreak pan. One of my all time favorites

Big Chris Condon's pan

Blings Cycles burnout mania

nothing cooler than handmade parts

Brooklyn Invitational '10 1

So, it's been a while since I posted. No reason really, just lazy. haha Brooklyn was totally awesome. Lots of cool bikes, familiar faces and nice people. My girlfriend even won a helmet from Eternal Combustion in the raffle. Took lots of pixx check 'em out

First eye catcher of the day, and still a fav.

check out the detail on this machine


Buy American... or try to

So, I've been waiting on a back ordered Crane lifter kit for my shovel for about 3 or 4 week. Today I come home from work and was stoked it finally arrived. Anyways, I'm going through the goods and what..? Japan? On a roller? What the fuck? I personally am a big fan of Japanese motorcycles, really anything from dirtbikes, old 4's, to modern rockets... But this is lame. When something is supposedly Made in U.S.A. that's what I expect to see.


Indian Larry Block Party '10

I totally forgot, but the Indian Larry annual black party is also this Saturday. Brooklyn is gonna be total chopperfest this weekend!

Hotrod Hoedown '10 pix2

flathead power

not many bikes up there, but there was a few nice ones

the Nightmares

Hotrod Hoedown '10 pix

Was a fun time. Plenty of bad attitudes and folks playing dress up.

my personal favorite here

love these

build it, drive it, break it

Brooklyn Invitational

Well the cat's out of the bag now. Check it


Ephrata Rally

Put a few hundred miles on my pops bike Sat with my girl. Went up to Ephrata, PA for a monthly bike meet/breakfast. Forgot my camera but there was a few cool bikes up there. Planning to ride my bike up to the next one! Ephrata