Shakedown shovel

Ken from Strange Days new build all the way from North Jersey. Rear brakes... Who needs 'em?

Hopheads Pub Ride to Skate

Ride to Skate 5

Dads Road King, sunburned, free swag, miles with friends, good times


Songs From the Mason Dixon

New Barons split with the Incited is finished! The first batch of cd's have been pressed and is also being released in Europe by 4 Subculture Records. We'll also be uploading the songs on itunes for the folks who would rather download a copy. Enjoy

Case Cleaning

I've spent probably as much time cleaning parts to rebuild on my bike as I have actually assembling it. So far the best thing I've found is this LA's Totally Awesome Cleaner. I seen it at the dollar store and decided to give it a try. I have maybe 12 dollars in the motor using engine degreaser and carb cleaner, and about 5 bucks in the trans. Check out the pics and give it a try.

The hard plastic bristle brushes work well also

Kundratic Round Up 2011

Only 2 weeks away. I'll have my shovelhead there.


This video stokes me out of my fucking mind!



Been a while since I've updated. I'll be 24 tomorrow. Should be riding the shovelhead next week as long as all my orders come in. Oley was cool, but mostly way overpriced. Not much of a budget builders swap meet. Blah blah