Florida fast food tour

We stopped all over the place on the way to and from Daytona Beach. Here's some sweet highlights

Morganne and me out front. Delicious burgers and fries. Tacos shells were delicious, but otherwise they weren't that great.

My buddy Bill rode down with us

Del Taco find! Best fast food ever. I love everything they have. Please come to Maryland!

they even have a whole hot sauce pump station

Steak 'n Shake has some of my favorite burgers around. We ate there 3 times this week. The Royal is my personal favorite.

Great burgers. White Castle of the South. I like their regular burgers better than the sliders though.

Sonic rules. I love the fact that I can get a great burger here in MD and get the same burger over 1000 miles away in FL

Huddle House is a slightly better version of Waffle House, and I love Waffle house. I almost choked to death on some hash browns in this place. True story.

Even the waffles are reppin'

Whataburger was ok. Will go again, but they had the worst food the whole trip. The couple out front thought I was stalking them. And I was.

I wish I would have gotten more from Church's. Some of the best nuggets I've ever had.

BBQ chicken tacos at 80

We ate a ton of shit this whole week but from what I remember this was all the fast food joints

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Morganne said...

don't forget bojangles babe! they sucked the worst. "ICED TEAAAA?!?!"